Thursday, October 20, 2011

I don't mind living this way

for Gary Snyder

the trees kneeling heavy
with hibiscus flowers
flowing onto
the ground invisible
hair threading fallen
stars stamen reaching
to drink soil sodden
with urine squirting
between the young girl's
twig thighs as she traces
the fountain's arc
shiny twin moons facing
the world i don't mind
traffic hooting a shrill
concubine with many
urges panting spewing
throttling groans i feel
i am interrupting a lover
go quickly to my own
business i don't mind
the filth garbage
pouring out of crevices
from the side-walk open
sewers exposing
pleasure-smeared innards
our body tries so hard
to conceal i don't mind
bone fingers raking
moldy fruit on an aching
cart face smile-smitten
mouth drenched red light
open inviting i don't
mind living this way.

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